Mission & Vision (Etobicoke Girls Softball)

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Our mission is to promote the sport of softball in our community. To achieve this mission, we will do everything within our power to provide the opportunity for all girls in our community to participate in the sport of softball and in other softball- related activities. 

Our vision is for all interested girls in our community to realize the opportunity that the sport of softball provides and that the program we offer will expand because of our commitment to these ideals. 

The values that the Etobicoke Girls Softball League will promote are teamwork, improved softball skills, friendship, integrity, sportsmanship and personal growth. 

To further these goals, The League will ensure that volunteers are made aware of the following guidelines as they pertain to each separate area of operation. 

~roles, responsibilities and tasks 

~scheduling and commitment 

~skill and experience requirements 

~orientation, training and other support available 

~safe standard of activities 

-never be alone with a child on the field or provide transportation 

or accommodation without another adult present 

-be a role model by avoiding drugs, alcohol, smoking, abusive 

or profane language 

-wear appropriate attire 

As our coaches are the frontline volunteers and representatives of the league, they should be made aware of the following qualities that are specific (and important) to their role within the league: 

~providing leadership by commitment to the team, respecting players and 

officials, consistency and fairness 

~preparation, organization and communication with players and parents 

~motivating through understanding, encouraging and building player confidence 

~teaching/coaching by developing player potential, individually and as part of 

the team while being open to positive feedback and new ideas 

~ability to interact with players and parents effectively and in a positive 


With these guidelines in place, the Etobicoke Girls Softball League will attempt to be successful in our goal of making softball a desired option for girls in our community who wish to participate in sports.